> My Eiightieth 2021

Chris, Karol & Simon
Caro, Marilyn, Charles & Sciohban
Ahoy there matelots
Rob, Carol and Dave
Moo, Anne-Marie and Jean-Noel
Zoe with Colin and Grace - arriving
Caro and Sylvan with Rob behind
Just starting the party
Caro, Chris Nunn and Charles
Me and her
Me and Lucie
Charles, Carol, Lucie, Caro
Marilyn talking to Caro
Bob and Lucie
Colin Wilkes, Bassist and his friend - a drummer.
Family line up
Anne-Marie, Rob and Moo
David and Carol Harris, (from the boat Min'ute)
The beer bar
Judy, Rob and...
Monica, Fintanne and Di
Lucie, Frederick, Tony and me.
Monica and Me
Dave (prospective saxophone player)
Fish'chips van
Spud and me
Making a birthday speech
What was he doing?
Going splendedly
Judy, a feather and glamour
The Colonel and his Lady
Just another group
Lucie being given the credits
Caro Karol and Simon
Rob 'n Sheila (not showing her remarkable fish-nets)
Derrick and Spud with others
Sandy and Moo, comparing shots
Loves a party, does Brendan
The band on a boat - Colin Wilkes, the bassist not there?
The band on board
Our new bassist - Colin Wilkes
Jean having brotherly fun
Judy in the Galley
and the tune is?
Full swing
Maddy and Moo
Me, Rob and Colin Wilkes