> My Eiightieth 2021

Party girl!
Some barmaid!
Anyone for cricket?
Enjoying the do
The Colonel without his moustache
Bob and Chrissy
Such talent in the young
The mysterious Bassist from where?
Wistful moment?
Janet and Trevor
Just a happy group
Playing the old tunes
Marie Jeanne Sevier with Trevor behind
At the Leopard D'Or
Phew! landed, no hands!
P'raps I won't
My last photo of the ground
Me and the Pilot
First photo - the Canal
The long straight up to Meilhan
A long view of the Canal
Couthures sur Garonne
Meilhan sur Garonne
Unusual view of Meilhan
Body & Soul in Meilhan
Couthures sur Garonne
Couthures sur Garonne
Market place, Marmande
My flying tricycle
Rob's cartoon, birthday card
My flying velo