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Duck Breast & Black cherry sauce & celeriac mash

Duck Breast & Black cherry sauce & celeriac mash

A favourite of mine, one ingredients which the Southwest has in abundance are duck's breasts.

First the day before I make a rich red wine sauce by frying some chopped shallots until softened, add a dash of mixed spice powder, a bayleaf, a beef stock cube, red wine and a dash of water, simmer slowly until reduced, cool and keep until the next day.

Heat your griddle,place the duck's breast which you have rubbed with salt, pepper and a little more 4 spice powder on the fat skin side in the griddle, fat side up, occasionally drain the duck fat into a jar from the griddle, the skin should be browned and crisp. Whilst this is going on cook peeled potatoes cubbed and peeled and cubbed celeriac with the core cut out and cubed in some chicken stock until tender.

Mash the potato and celeriac mixture, add an egg yolk and a little cream, salt and pepper,put a dish and keep warm in the oven.

Turn duck breast onto meat side and cook on a medium heat until pink, about 10mins, turn heat off and let the breast rest.
Whilst the duck cooks, reheat the wine sauce, strain a small tin of stoned black cherries, melt a little butter and brown sugar in the smal frying pan, add cherries and stir and cook until glazed. Add duck juices from griddle to wine sauce.

Place mash in centre of warm plate, add duck breast sliced or whole, some cherries and drizzle with some of the wine sauce around the meat and glazed cherries, remainder of the sauce can be served in a seperte bowl on the table.
Mangetouts quickly flashed in a wok as a vegetable work well.