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Beetroot Soup
Prawns on a bed of rich creamy mash
Duck Breast & Black cherry sauce & celeriac mash
Apple, radish watercress and feta salad
Oeufs sauce meurette  a burgundian speciality
Summer asparagus and tomato salad
Ricotta raviolis with wild mushrooms and Parmesan  shavings
Chicory mixed bean poached egg and bacon platter
Turkey,spici sausage, prune brochette with pea and courgette millet
Melon & Proscuito Ham
Chicken tournedos, mushroom hollandaise and pumpkin and parnsip mash
Moules Mariniéres with a dash of crème fraiche
French offal mixed grill on Leek and Potato Mash
Smoked salmon scrambled egg mayonnaise salad
Carluccio's peasant potatoes
Pumpkin Tattie & Onion Homity Pie
Roast root vegetables
Blue cheese, grape, walnut and chicory salad
Beetroot, tomato and  avocado salad
Calamari, sunblush tomatoes and mushroom  linguine
Breast of Duck, Oven Potato galette and Preserved Fig
Apple Chutney
Tandoori Turkey
oven baked peppers
potato, onion and leek pie
Poached breast of chicken
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