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Oeufs sauce meurette a burgundian speciality

Oeufs sauce meurette  a burgundian speciality

I had read about this dish but somehow the thought of eggs poached in red wine had never tempted me. Whilst cruising the Nivernais canal in Burgundy we stopped in a delightful town called Clamecy. We treated ourselves to a special dinner in a local restaurant. We chose the Burgundian Gournet Menu. The starter was oeufs sauce meurette with crusty french bread to soak up the sauce at the end. It was fabulous and has become a favourite light lunch or supper favourite aboard Body&Soul. Usually when we have dined the night before on boeuf bourguigon or coq au vin and have some of the rich sauce from these dishes left over.

Poach some fresh free range eggs in red wine, one per person, lift out of poaching wine onto a fried piece of ciabatta or french bread placed inthe middle of a soup plate, quickly fry some sliced mushrooms, sprinkle over the eggs and pour re-heated wine sauce gently over the whole. Serve with extra crusty bread to mop up the sauce. Yummie