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Turkey,spici sausage, prune brochette with pea and courgette millet

Turkey,spici sausage, prune brochette with pea and courgette millet

Cheap, cheerful and delicious. Agen prunes are a spciality in the Southwest of France, along the banks of the Lot river on which we spent all summer this year, there are orchards of these special, plump, juicy plumbs. They even cover them in delicious dark or milk chocolate as a Christmas special.

Bone a turkey thigh and cut into bite size chunks,marinate overnight in some garlic, woorcestershire sauce and olive oil overnight a thick slice of good chorizo sausage, stoned Agen prunes and chesnut mushroom caps. Thread one of each ingredient alternatively onto a pre-soaked wooden skewer. Place brochettes onto a an oiled piece of tinfoil on the bottom the grill pan.

In a non-stick pan or wok, fry some chopped onion, chopped herbs add millet granins briefly before adding enough chicken stock to cover slices of courgette , stir occasionally until the millet is tender and is the same consistency as loose mash. just before it is cooked stir in frozen peas and warm through.

Half way through cooking the millet pop the brochettes under the preheated grill, turning occasinally until they are brown all over and the meat is tender and cooked.
Pile some millet mixture in the centre of a plate, pop brochettes on top add a quarter of lemon and serve.