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Pike and Eel 172
Hanneke & boys apr 2005
Off to the shops in Auxerre
Loading up
Ducks to feed
Let's go home
Let's go home
I love you Emily
Chill time
Cruise to St Ives 12th March 2006
Les 3 Mariniers
A pause for midi
Are we there
Breakfast aboard Chatillon-en-Bazois
Spud and Fabby when he came to stay May 2006
Which way next  boys
On the Seine
Bonding with Bruce Oct 2006
Don't feel well
On a bright day
Always in charge
From Meilhan to Castet en Dorthe 011
Jan to Feb 2011 (1 of 191)
Rob and Teds and Spud after a good lunch
1-Me and him
At my 70th party
Keeping cool
With a mouse trap in Boat Anna
Jan 4th 2012
Jan 4th 2012
JAN 4TH 2012
A cold day in Jan. 2012
Just another walk
Meeting friends on the beach
May 2013
May 2013 In good health and in charge
Just before turning on the way to Castets en Dorthe