> Our route to Montauban 2014

Poor Spud with his neck brace
Storm damage - two big plane trees
Storm damage across the canal
MW  with piano on the roof of Body and Soul
Mange Tout - with new owner
A tearful goodbye
Crossing the bridge at Caumont for the last time
Caumont: Halte Nautique and motor home park
Target practice for the archery
Playing to the diners
Playing to the diners
More canal craft
Brian and Aneka
Last 21 days
Spud, taken 6th June-died on 27th June
Our two hanging baskets
A target at the archery club
It is art: And it is the right way round!
Tree varieties
Birds I'd like to translate
A typical holiday hiring
Our view upstream
Taken from B&S - songs and poetry about the canals
When friends meet...
An old tug in need of some loving care
Family Falshaw
Now called "Dotty" ending up as Coco Chanel
The whole commune de Lagruere
Wild flowers
More pond life
Insects to be translated into English
Dunno shapes
Loopy rings
Art work - another strange piece to comment upon
Jaqui and Nanette's boat
Artwork along the canal
Artwoork along the canal
Jaqui and Nanette's boat
Us and them at Meilhan
Saltire with Keith and Louise at Meilhan
Opposite us at Fred's
Boating rally