> San Francisco

Aileen up a mountain
Mountain climb
They bumped into Billy C.
Clive snow boarding before I arrived
One of the many yacht harbours
A sub tropical look
First night dossing down in Alameda
From the sitting room into kitchen
Front entrance
From front looking Northwards
Front of house
Telescopic view from C and A's house.
Looking at the House
House from the rear
A very big moth
Me riding Clive's real mountain bike behind their house
Tucking in to Thai Food
That Thai restaurant in Alameda
Jack and Jonathan duet?
Sunday Dinner at Palo Alto
More port containers
Like a mechanical horse
Container Crane
Floating dry dock
Port Bow
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge
Just another tourist!
Bay bridge and clouds.
Down Town San Francisco
Down Town San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge
Pier 39 with the sea-lions
Our Aileen
Just another way of getting around
and another
Just another view of the bay.
One of the vehicles for hire.
Tram tracks
Clive descending
Lombard Street
Testing the ale.
Aileen, how fit can you get?
San Fran at speed
The Bay Bridge
Coming in to the San Fran terminal.
Aileen and 'im (Clive of course)
Me 'n him
We're really going fast.
From the stern of the ferry.