> The adventure to Brittany from March 2015

Selling cheeses in his Father's stall at Dol de Bretagne Market
Dol de Bretagne Market - a view
A pretty door in August
A view of Hede mooring on a dull day
Ecluse 4 looking downstream to the Hede Ecluse de La Petite Madelaine
Wonderful hydrangias all over the place
At the vetinary in Tinteniac
The floating house of the St Jame's family holiday home
"Clamping" in one of the boats modelled on the traditional Loire fishing boats.
Art exhibition from an art college in Rennes
Floating Sun Terrace for Guillaume's family
Lunch at La Petite Port Hede
My starter at La Petite Port
The kitchen in full view at La Petite Port
It's me again at the ivories at La Petite Port
Baby Lou - daughter of Marie and Olivier...our friends from Tinteniac
Marie and me
Eden, Jeanne and Gaspar (kids of three families) at Tintiniac
Olivier and Marie at Tinteniac
Our Brunch at Tinteniac
Fred's wife Anne-Claire at Tinteniac
Anne-Claire and Fred (and me)
The two Loire fishing boats for hire at Hede
The Barrage  de la Rance
Weaving our way through the Estuary
St. Suliac
Lucie's internal painting
Passing canoe traffic at Tinteniac
Canoes at Tinteniac
Sculptured rocks nr. Cancale
Scultured rocks nr. Cancale
Two of several Oyster bars at cancale
Oyster beds at Cancale
The eleven lock staircase
Ecluse de Madelaine
Boats for hire, replicas of the traditional Loire fishing boats.
The town square, Becherel
View from Becherel
Garlic at Tinteniac Market
Our first Lock keeper on the Ile et Rance Canal
The bridge going out of Dinan
A restaurant at Dinan opposite our mooring
The steep climb up to Dinan town centre from the port
Portico through to the Town centre at Dinan
One of many pretty sights at Dinan
Dinan street music
Cobbled streets in Dinan
Our first night's mooring at Dinan and on the Isle et le Rance
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