Champagne on the rocks Sept. 14th 08

  • Rebuilding the suspension bridge
    Pictures of Malcolm's 67th birthday trip which went wrong!

Carnival Time for us Boat People

  • DSC_0094
    This carnival takes place, early in each season, in Castelsarrasin

Family Falshaw

  • WP_20151223_024
    Varous holidays and visits

Family Falshaw

  • WP_20151223_024
    Varous holidays and visits

Lucie and Charlie on Holiday in Bezier

  • La petite sorcière
    Lucie's at Nini's house (Bezier) with Steve, Sophie and Charlie.

Carnival Time for us Boat People

  • DSC_0094
    This carnival takes place, early in each season, in Castelsarrasin

Champagne on the rocks Sept. 14th 08

  • Rebuilding the suspension bridge
    Pictures of Malcolm's 67th birthday trip which went wrong!

Grinding to a halt in 2021? (it ain't all plain sailing y'know, part 84)

To  our families and  other readers (?) a very prosperous and

Happy new year !


Charlie Ebdo and me
Keeping in touch with topical French humour

Putting a positive slant on 2021 is difficult but there are some bright moments to remember (some photo moments below)  and we are grateful to report that all our close relatives, in both our families, seem to have survived the pandemic so far and have been drawn closer together, helped by the miracle of the world wide web but, more importantly,  from a series of 'family' visits to us throughout the spring and summer months, despite horrendous travel complications and additional expense caused by 'Covid'.

(Visits from the Falshaws - Moo, Alan, Lois, Harry,  Jake and Rosemary Walker with Emily, then son Clive and Aileen Walker from California, then Lucie's Sophie Blair, then brother Robert Walker with Di. and then co Narrow boat friend, Alex Melville with Sue - all  were locally accommodated)   

Harry contemplating beer making on B&S
 Harry, an eager student of beer making - wistfully sitting by my fermenter with an empty mug.

My eightieth year has been a year to remember- and I have to say - mostly for the wrong reasons. If we are to believe all the dismal reports from the media,  'homo-sapiens' seems to have lost the plot and is diving into a grubby pond of self destruction, taking with it all other living things. It's enough to make us all join the ranks of Jehovah Witnesses 'en mass'. Armageddon is surely just round the corner !

What the hell is going on? or is it just me having a bad day?

Well no ! - we are happily moored, back in le Port d'Evran - now bedecked with Christmas fairy lights -  after 5  weeks enforced exile 5 kilometres upstream  at St. Domineuc, allowing the canal maintenance people to drain our pound dry - and to repair a lock gate. We did not enjoy being away - the autumnal starboard view across the canal was lovely but being double-parked against a rather sick looking narrow boat (widebeam) darkened our port side as well as our mood.

In June, after  a routine colonoscopy  I was informed that there was a tumour in my colon.. I have  had scans and MRIs and 18 weeks of chemo treatment. The medical team is very pleased with progress and I will learn this week, the date of an operation to remove the 50% that's left of the nasty bit.

In our 18th year of  retirement on board 'Body and Soul'  we are naturally somewhat limited in activity whilst  both dealing with  unwanted health afflictions and the  inevitable encroachment of old age. My birthday bash had to be cancelled (postponed) until next year, or whenever. Actually we were quite relieved to  celebrate quietly with just a few local friends and drop-ins.

  Robs birthday cartoon

..and now back to Christmas - but click here for Carols from Kings to cheer up even the most hardened atheist !

When we lost internet contact. Lucie and Sophie close upThe Falshaw family + me at St Jacut beach

Me aand Moo at Plouer Sur Rance

Supper on board a la Lucie, taken by Alan

More photos of visits from family needed for this posting!

Pasta dish with a difference Our neighbours for winter 2021/22 Clive and me playing music Clive and Me Prawn and asparagus starter tea and cakes still life? An unctious creamy, cheesy, pasta supper dish Moules and chips still-life beside the wood burner

Tall shelfish starter Me and her at St Jacut cafe















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